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A Fast Black novel: Heirs of the Gun.(Western) The saga of the Irons’ family continues. Johnny Irons, an elite gunslinger, has fulfilled his dream of standing beside his legendary father, Gunner Irons, in a deadly showdown against legendary top guns, Zip Casey and Tom Rucker. He now faces a far more deadly and deceptive challenge in a new Fast Black Harlan Brady, who has come to claim Shante, his ex-girlfriend, and now Johnny’s wife. Harlan has trained under one of the most feared Fast Blacks the West has ever known, James Mandaly, and has sworn to kill any man that becomes involved with Shante. To make matters worse, Johnny, while being a Good Samaritan, has met the one woman, Kiana-Jade, who not only poses a threat to his marriage, but more importantly to Shante’s life. However, nothing can prepare them for a dark secret that will affect all of their lives and reveal an astonishing truth that none of them is prepared for.





The I AM Principle: (Religion) This book may challenge everything you think you know about faith and God. It explores who we really are (children of God) and how we got robbed of our power. It allows us for the first time to truly believe in ourselves without lessening the power of God. The truth is that we are truly the children of God and for the first time you will feel the power of knowing this truth. Learn why we have difficulty in accessing the power of God and believing that we are worthy of that power. The I AM principle is the principle that govern our ability to proclaim our rightful place among the Gods. It reveals why it is impossible to believe in God without believing yourself.






Black Men, Blue Cops: (Reality) One of America’s most divisive issues is the perceived war between African Americans and law enforcement. Some have referred to this war as the hunger games, and the issue worsens with the passing of each year. This book takes a look into some of these shooting and what is behind them. Why are there so many shootings? Who is the blame? Do Black and Brown men bring peril on themselves? Are inner-cities policed differently? What should be the actions of Black and Brown youth when confronted by police? Who is truly the blame?This book answers these questions and a lot more by giving an unbiased view of both sides.






The Rites of Passage: The Mentor Code.(Life Coaching) The blue print for handling the challenge of today’s youth lies in understanding of the concepts in this book. For years money has been thrown at the problem. We talk of education, scream of morals and tell children to be drug free. But in truth, we drug them in mass numbers; fail to educate them and morals seem to be an old outdated concept of the past. This Book is the “how to” manual in handling today youth. It brings practical information that can change the lives or save the life of our next generation. Here lies the answer to the fundamental question “How do we handle today’s youth”?




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